SE Asia Trip: 2 Days in Hong Kong

One of the highlights of my summer this year was a two week trip to Southeast Asia. My primary goal was to visit Siem Reap, Cambodia and revisit some beautiful beaches in Phuket, Thailand. During the planning process, my husband came up with the idea of a stopover in Hong Kong. (There is a reason I married this man! hah)

We only had two days in Hong Kong and with the help of a very good friend, we were able to visit some of the top sights.

After a 15 hour flight from Houston to Taipei, short layover, and then another flight to Hong Kong- we made it! My husband found this lovely hotel with great views of Victoria Harbour- Hotel Icon.

Since we were a bit tired from travel, we had a light dinner and rested for the evening. The next morning, we planned a trip to Victoria Peak. “The Peak” is the tallest mountain on Hong Kong Island and offers stunning views of the city. A brief tram ride brings you to the top where there is also a shopping mall and restaurants. The views were breathtaking!!

For anyone else visiting Hong Kong for the first time- whether you have only 2 days or 20 days- visiting Victoria Peak is an absolute must! Afterward, my husband and I ate lunch and then explored the city during our walk back to the hotel.

Our main excursion for day two was Big Buddha in Ngong Ping Village. Also called Tian Tan Buddha, this large statue is over 100 feet tall and is quite the hike to visit. The easiest and probably most fun way to get to Ngong Ping Village is by cable car. The 25 minute ride offers additional views of Hong Kong- and even better if you select the “Crystal Cabin” service which features glass bottom cabins.

At the end of the cable car (also called gondola lift) ride is Ngong Ping, which is a nice little village with restaurants and shops. It was raining off and on when we were there, but fortunately we were able to get a few good photos before it really poured.

We enjoyed visiting Big Buddha and exploring the surrounding village. Another must-see for any new travelers to Hong Kong!

Our trip was brief so my only regret was not planning a longer stay in Hong Kong. The silver lining is now I need to plan a trip back! =)

The next stop on our trip was Phuket, Thailand (write-up COMING SOON!)

Wandering in Hong Kong

Until next time, happy travels y’all!!


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