Relaxing in Tulum 2018

I’ve been crazy busy this past year and missed out on posting details for several trips. My goal is to get caught up, so the next few posts will likely be brief descriptions and a bunch of photos. Enjoy!

For Spring Break this year, my family decided for a relaxing trip to Tulum. We really enjoyed our previous visit and while there are many destinations we still would like to see, Tulum is an easy trip for us due to the location.

We stayed at El Pez – a boutique hotel on the northern part of the beach.

One of the main reasons I wanted to return to Tulum was to visit the Mayan ruins of Coba. I thoroughly enjoy learning the history of the places we visit and unfortunately we did not get a chance to visit Coba during our previous trip to Tulum.

At Coba, one of the pyramids is open to the public to climb to the top. Rumors have been ongoing that they plan to shut this down soon, but as of March 2018 it was still open.

We had a great time exploring the various pyramids and dwellings at Coba. Afterward, we headed to a nearby cenote to cool off and relax.

The rest of our time in Tulum was spent at the beach, exploring the various shops and most importantly- relaxing!

Happy travels, y’all!!


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