Frozen in Boston, MA

My daughter and I enjoyed a brief trip to Boston, MA between Christmas and New Years. The trip was booked before we knew Boston was experiencing one of their coldest winters in quite some time. We still had a great time, played in the snow a bit and took in some sights.

Day one was spent at Boston Common and then warming up with dinner at Townsman.  On the second day, we attempted The Freedom Trail- but unfortunately it was a bit too cold for us to finish so we explored downtown Boston a bit. Our third and final day was spent at Harvard Square which we absolutely loved!!

It was a short trip and several of the activities we wanted to do were cancelled due to the weather, but overall I definitely enjoyed quality time with my daughter. =)

Happy travels, y’all!

3 thoughts on “Frozen in Boston, MA

  1. You must go back to Boston when it’s warmer! A friend took me there when I was in 7th grade, and it still ranks as one of my favorite vacations ever. I’ve wanted to go back ever since.

    Also, I was in Cleveland, OH while you were in Boston. It wasn’t any warmer there! But I love winter weather, so for me it was perfect.

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    1. I definitely want to go back when it is warmer. Thinking about going this summer, but depends on some other pending travel plans.

      Winter weather is fun- especially for someone like me who rarely experiences it, but I definitely was not prepared for the “feels like -10 degree F” temperatures! Hope you enjoyed your time in Cleveland!!

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      1. Definitely go back to Boston in the summer if you can: it’s much easier to tour the historical sites when it’s not -10º F. Great seafood and coffee too.

        Cleveland was alright (it’s admittedly not the best city in the US), but it was good to see family. I hope to read more of your posts soon!

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