Rincon de la Vieja (Costa Rica)

Another late post! Unfortunately, living in the Houston area- we have been dealing with the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. My family and I are all fine- we were fortunate and did not experience any flooding. I plan to do a separate post about the Hurricane and some of our volunteer efforts.

Last month, I was able to visit Guanacaste (Costa Rica) for the second time this summer. During the trip, my daughter and I enjoyed an adventure-filled day at Rincon de la Vieja – which is a national park around one of Costa Rica’s volcanoes.

After about an hour drive from our hotel, our driver and personal tour guide introduced me and my daughter to some of the guides at the park who would be helping us. For the first part of the adventure, we went over this little bridge to cross the canyon and river below.

Crossing the Canyon @ Rincon de la Vieja

On the other side of the bridge, we met our horses and then went horseback riding through the park.

Horseback riding started out nice. We calmly walked through the farmland while the horses stopped to feed on the grass every now and again. Later we approached a more heavily wooded area and the horses began galloping. It was a bit of a rough ride, but eventually we made it to the river. More guides greeted us as we put on life jackets and grabbed our tubes for the next part of our adventure- tubing through the river. =)

Tubing in the river was fun! It was the perfect way to cool off after horseback riding in the blazing sun. Parts of the river were nice and calm, while others were full of rapids- I actually fell out of my tube going down a little waterfall- but we were all smiles!

After tubing, we had a canopy tour- which is zip-lining through the forests.

The canopy tour was great! We zip-lined over the trees and canyons below – taking in the beautiful scenery. At the end of the tour, we enjoyed lunch at a small cafe near the entrance of the park.

Our adventure was not quite over just yet! After a delicious lunch, we were instructed to head into a sauna nearby which would open our pores for the volcanic mud bath. The mud bath was actually one of the guides “painting” our bodies with the volcanic mud. It did feel nice on our skin while we enjoyed the views by the river.

We relaxed for a bit and then rinsed off before heading to our last destination at Rincon de la Vieja- the hot springs. Several pools of water with varying temperatures created a nice water circuit for as a final gift of relaxation.

Fully relaxed after a day full of fun and adventure, we packed up and prepared to return to our hotel. Our timing was perfect- as we got into the van, it began pouring rain!

Overall, we had a wonderful trip… until we realized Hurricane Harvey was heading towards Southeast Texas and we may not be able to return home as many flights were being cancelled. My daughter and I were a bit torn- we could definitely stay another week in Costa Rica and experience more that the country has to offer.. but we were also worried about our family and home. Thankfully, we made it back safely before the storm hit.

Happy travels, y’all!!



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