Los Altos de Eros: Guanacaste, Costa Rica

Just returned home from one of my favorite trips yet- a very brief (4 days, 3 nights) in Costa Rica. I’ll be writing about the boutique hotel first and will follow-up with a complete summary of the travel adventure in a couple of days.

First of all.. why am I dedicating a full post to the hotel? Simple. It was THAT awesome. =)

Los Altos de Eros

From the very first emails and phone calls during the booking process, the two managers Yanina & Jeniffer were absolutely delightful. I knew right away that the trip would be a success by the level of customer service received. My husband and I experienced a delay at the airport and I was worried our driver (arranged through the hotel) might leave without picking us up, but Jeniffer reassured us that the driver would wait as long as it takes. *Sigh* Big Relief. (I’ll explain the delay issue in the next post.)

The drive from Liberia airport to Los Altos de Eros is about one hour, with the final few minutes spent on a steep dirt road to the top of a large hill. We were greeted by the smiling face of Yanina and showed to our room, where a chilled bottle of champagne awaited. What a wonderful way to begin our stay at LADE!

The Room

We booked the Poolside King, which is one of the six rooms available. I believe there are 2 poolside kings, 2 poolside queens, the Eros suite and a detached suite. The Eros suite is on the second floor, above the main lobby and restaurant area, while the 4 poolside rooms wrap around the sides of the infinity pool on the ground floor. The detached suite is a short walk away and offers slightly more privacy (and a bigger room) than our poolside room.

While the two suites are more spacious and secluded, I did not feel privacy or space was an issue. The room featured a king-size bed, with amazing views- but my favorite feature is the outdoor shower. The shower provides a perfect mixture of enjoying the natural surroundings, cleanliness and privacy. Not only does maid service come twice a day, but the hotel also offers complimentary laundry. This extra bonus made the hotel feel more like “home” for us. =)

Meals @ LADE

After cleaning up a bit, my husband and I enjoyed the spectacular view of the sunset from the hotel grounds and then had dinner with two other couples staying at LADE. All meals at the hotel are served at a large table with the other guests. The only exception is if you book a couples massage with sunset dinner, which is served in the spa area. While I did enjoy getting to know the other guests, I  do wish the hotel offered another option for a more private dinner.

All of our meals at LADE were delicious. The hotel managers made sure to verify food allergens at the time of booking and again when we arrived. Breakfast was included each day and served at 8:30 am. Optional lunch was served at 1 pm and the optional dinner served at 6:30 pm. We ended up enjoying 3 breakfast meals, 1 lunch, and 2 dinners at the hotel. (For one lunch and one dinner, my husband and I went into Tamarindo.)

The Spa

One of the hotel’s best features is their spa. A small stairway leads to the spa area, which includes multiple open air rooms for single or couple massages, facials and scrubs. At the center of the spa is a small jacuzzi overlooking the mountainous terrain- luckily for us full of beautiful green trees of all shapes and sizes. (We were told the area can be quite brown during the dry season.)

Our couples massage was perfect- my masseuse used the perfect amount of pressure and worked out some of the tightness (stress!) in my shoulders. My husband said his masseuse was equally perfect. I have a regular masseuse in Houston and enjoy trying out different spas in many of the places I travel, so I am not a believer in that every massage is a great massage.

One night after enjoying dinner in Tamarindo, we asked the staff if we were allowed to use the jacuzzi- as there were no set rules noted in the room, except that the spa area was off limits from 4-8 PM (for the couple enjoying the Couples Massage & Sunset Dinner). Thankfully, the staff said we could use the jacuzzi and set everything up for us. My husband and I enjoyed a glass of wine while relaxing in the hot tub- a wonderful way to enjoy our last night at Los Altos de Eros.

The Views

It is impossible to discuss Los Altos de Eros without mentioning one of their biggest assets: the views. The hotel sits at the top of a mountain overlooking the beautiful forests below. When the air is clear you can see the ocean, as well. Taking full advantage of this natural beauty, the hotel features a small infinity pool for guests to enjoy their personal oasis. (The size of the pool is perfect for the size of the hotel- never once did we feel crowded.)

Nearly every morning, I would walk a few steps outside my room door and soak in all the colors- beautiful blues in the sky with white fluffy clouds and a spectrum of greens below, sparkled with some pinks and purples of various flowers. The colors at night were even more astounding as we were able to watch the sky change from blue to orange to pink and purple as the sun set. In my opinion, the beauty provided by nature is more impressive than anything else- and Los Altos de Eros is a perfect location to enjoy this.

History of the Hotel

I had the pleasure of meeting one of the owners, Jacqueline, during our stay. She was extremely nice (just like her staff!) and even spent a few minutes answering a few questions about the history of the hotel. Originally from England, Jacqueline and her husband have lived all over the world. After visiting Costa Rica several times within a year, the couple decided a condo would be ideal for their future visits. The idea of a condo turned into the purchase of land- which eventually became Los Altos de Eros.

Jacqueline informed me that she mimicked all the traits she enjoyed during her travels: top-notch customer service, well-kept property grounds, clean rooms, nice sheets, and great food. I was already in love with the hotel before meeting her, but quite impressed after learning how perfectly she had accomplished her goals.

The spa was added about six or seven years ago (if my memory is correct). Originally, Jacqueline and her husband (unfortunately, I did not ask his name or have the opportunity to meet him) ran the kitchen themselves, but decided to hire a chef about five years ago. The current chef is absolutely wonderful.

I do wish I had more time to chat with her- she was very lovely.

My husband and I with the owner @ LADE



Overall, my husband and I truly enjoyed our stay at Los Altos de Eros and highly recommend the boutique hotel for anyone interested in visiting the Tamarindo area in Costa Rica. I do have two regrets though… not planning a longer stay and not booking the Sunset Dinner prior to our arrival. I suppose that just means I’ll need to plan a trip to return soon!

Happy travels, y’all!


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