Aruba, One Happy Island!

I’m overdue on updates, but wanted to share my recent trip to Aruba. (I promise I’ll still go back and write up a few missing adventures!) My husband and I enjoyed a 4 day, 3 night vacation in Aruba over the spring break holiday. Our primary goal on the trip was to relax and soak in the sun.

My husband planned every aspect of the trip as a gift. Lucky me! After a short drive from the airport, we arrived at our hotel- The Ritz-Carlton Aruba.  After being greeted with bubbly welcome drinks, we were told our room was not ready just yet- no worries, we were both hungry so we walked out to poolside grill.

The weather during our stay was almost exactly the same each day: a high of about 85 degrees F and a low of about 75 degrees F. It was absolutely perfect! After lunch, we checked out the casino in the lobby and played a few games of video roulette just for fun. Within a few minutes, one of the concierge clerks informed us our room was ready. The view from the room was incredibly stunning! It was one of my favorite parts of the trip.. to look out into the ocean and watch the boats in the morning. In the evenings, I would sit on the balconey with a glass of wine and watch the same beautiful view as the sun set. Words cannot describe how peaceful it felt to simply stare out into the sea.

The following morning, my husband arranged for a brunch and snorkeling cruise aboard a catamaran. There were at least 30 other tourists on the boat, which worried me at first because I tend to prefer smaller, more personalized tours. However, we had a blast. The tour guides were fun and informative- sharing history about Aruba, while we sipped on mimosas and ate pastries and fruit. One of the three snorkel sites is the famous Antilla shipwreck. It was one of the most fascinating snorkeling adventures ever- the ship is just 10-20 feet below the water’s surface.

After the cruise, we headed back to the hotel, showered and enjoyed lunch on the beach. The next day, we walked up and down Palm Beach- stopping in to random restaurants for a quick refreshment along the way.

The rest of the trip was filled by our main goal- relaxing on the beach, soaking in the sun.. always filled with smiles and now memories from our little island getaway.

Happy travels, y’all! =)


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