Tulum, Mexico

This post is a little late. My apologies!!

My family and I wanted to enjoy one last summer vacation, so we headed to Tulum, Mexico. The only thing we knew for sure was that we wanted to visit the beautiful Mayan ruins in Tulum located right next to the beach. We had viewed pictures online and although a touristy spot, the Tulum ruins were our main priority.

When we first arrived in Tulum, it was raining heavily and we worried our beach vacation would be spent indoors. Our hotel was La Zebra Beach Hotel & Restaurant– which we selected because of the location and the amazing reviews of the restaurant. (We love food!)

Panoramic View of La Zebra from the beach

The rain did stop in the late afternoon, so we explored the beach and walked around the nearby hotels.

My husband and daughter enjoyed playing in the waves of the beach, while I mostly soaked in the sun.

Our first night, after enjoying a delicious dinner at the restaurant at La Zebra, my family and I decided to take a stroll along the beach. Earlier in the day, we had noticed several areas on the beach that were marked off and labeled as turtle nests. We had no idea that we were in the middle of sea turtle nesting season in Tulum. What a treat!!

As we walked the beach that night, something glistening in the water caught my eye. I noticed it appeared to be moving closer to shore before realizing it was a sea turtle! We watched from afar as the turtle slowly came up to the beach and searched for an area to lay her eggs. As we stood watching, more people gathered to see beautiful nature in action. We previously read that the sea turtles do not like the bright lights on the beach (or flashlights) so we watched in the dark thankfully with the bright moon providing some light. It seemed like almost an hour as the magnificent creature searched for the perfect spot to nest before heading back out to sea.

Sea Turtle returning to sea
Sea Turtle returning to sea

Excuse the grainy photo, but it was the best we could do without disturbing the turtle.

Our first day in Tulum started out a bit gloomy, but quickly changed as the sun came out and then later that night we witnessed the beautiful sea turtle coming ashore. =)

In my next post, I’ll share our time at the Mayan ruins in Tulum as well as an unexpected excursion that made the trip even more memorable.

Happy travels!

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