Sanctuary Cap Cana, Dominican Republic

I’m quite overdue for an update- but probably because I have been enjoying the summer. I’ll update in another post about a couple of weekend trips, but this post is dedicated to my most recent vacation to the Dominican Republic. It was my very first time to the country and had no clue on what to do or where to go. As usual, I researched a ton online and spoke with friends and family members that have visited the Dominican Republic in the past. Originally,  I did not want to stay in Punta Cana because initial research made it seem a bit too touristy for me.

My husband and I looked at hotels and resorts throughout the country and finally decided due to ease of travel we would find a place in Punta Cana! Additional days of research turned into weeks, before we decided we just needed to pick a place and we could sort out our adventures from there. So, we booked a room in the castle at Sanctuary Cap Cana.

Cap Cana is a gated community about 10-15 minutes from the airport in Punta Cana. The grounds are meticulously kept and several high-end resorts, an adventure park, marina, restaurants and beaches make up the area.

Inside the Castle at Sanctuary Cap Cana, we were greeted with champagne while the hostess educated us about the property and provided information for the five restaurants on site. We met our friendly butler, Henry, who escorted us to our room. After settling in, my husband and I decided to take a walk around the property.

Our initial plans for the trip included excursions, perhaps some snorkeling or exploring some of the nearby geography- cenotes, caves, etc. Unfortunately, we did not do any of these activities because there was plenty to do within the grounds of Sanctuary Cap Cana.. but it only means that I plan to return to the Dominican Republic again soon to explore more.

The views at Sanctuary Cap Cana were breathtaking. The resort had its own private beach, several beautiful pools with amazing views. The castle was only a portion of Sanctuary Cap Cana- the main buildings are referred to as the “Colonial Section” and there is another area called the “Villa Collection”- each with very different architecture, but all incredibly stunning.

Since my husband and I decided to simply enjoy the property grounds and turn this vacation into the ultimate relaxation we desired, we opted to top it off with a day at the spa. Thankfully, the spa is located within the castle so it was a very short walk. Working in the health and beauty industry, I especially enjoy visiting different spas and taking in the varying experiences.  The spa offered a water circuit, which is a wonderful way rejuvenate, relax and create a feeling of balance for the mind and body. The circuit starts with 5-10 minutes in a hot steam room, followed by a plunge into a cold pool and then back into the heat- via dry sauna. After another cold plunge, we laid outside in the warmth on very comfortable chairs before entering the water circuit pool.

The water circuit pool at the spa was the first I have encountered before. There were three sections- first a very strong, almost “shooting” force of water. This felt nice on the sore muscles in my back. The second area had chairs in the pool surrounded by whirlpool jets- again, very relaxing. The third and final area was a simple stream of water.

Panoramic View of the Water Circuit Pool
A hot whirlpool was the final stage of the water circuit- overall a very interesting experience. Afterward, I enjoyed an amazing hot stone massage so relaxing that I nearly fell asleep. Perfect bliss!

View of the water and beaches
Our view for the week
While we did not get to experience all of the adventurous activities we thought we would, the trip was still a success. Sometimes a week of beautiful views, exemplary customer service, delicious cuisine and basking in the sun is what we all need. I absolutely hope to return soon.

Happy travels, y’all! Cheers!

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