Puerto Vallarta, Mexico: Winter Beach Vacation

I’m nearly a month late posting this.. Sometimes work interferes with adventures! Last month, my family and I enjoyed a three day weekend in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. This trip was my daughter’s first international trip so we opted for an all-inclusive hotel and only planned one off-property excursion.

Upon arrival at the Hyatt Ziva, the concierge welcomed us with bubbly beverages (non-alcoholic for my daughter)- then we walked the property grounds.

After a quick bite to eat in one of the hotel’s many restaurants, my husband and daughter enjoyed some time splashing and swimming in the ocean. The weather was perfect! Middle of January and about 80 degrees Fahrenheit 🙂

That evening, we enjoyed the beautiful sunset through the palm trees on the beach.

Sunset in PVR

Sunset at Hyatt Ziva
The following morning, we left the hotel for our whale watching excursion.  Humpback whales come into the warmer waters of the bay at Puerto Vallarta from mid-December through March or April, usually with the intent of mating or giving birth.

We boarded a small boat and set out to explore the bay. The tour guide was very knowledgeable about humpback whales and brought us first to an area that appeared very calm. Then, she turned on a hydrophone and we listened to the songs of two different humpback whales. We were told the songs were mating calls by young males letting the female whales know that they are there. It was quite a feeling to hear the music of the humpback whales and know these large mammals were so close to us.

We then moved to a different area where we were lucky enough to witness several different humpback whales breach the water and fin slap.  I’ve always wanted to experience whale watching and this experience provided more than I could have hoped for. We all watched in awe as the whales “played” in front of us.

Whale Watching PVR _landofhev
Whale Watching PVR _landofhev
Whale Watching PVR _landofhev
Whale Watching PVR _landofhev
Whale Watching PVR _landofhev
Whale Watching PVR _landofhev

The whale watching tour lasted about two hours or so and then we returned to the pier. My family and I went back to the Hyatt Ziva and enjoyed the many luxuries of the property- nice private beach, delicious restaurants, swimming pools, etc. Overall, it was a short trip but extremely memorable.


Pictured above is a photo taken from the airplane as we left Puerto Vallarta. Another great trip completed.. and looking forward to the next one!

Happy travels, everyone!

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