Ruggles Green: Houston

Enjoyed good eats today at Ruggles Green in the Heights (Houston). I have been wanting to try this restaurant out for awhile, but lunch on the weekends is always crowded and I do not enjoy waiting over an hour to order food.

Luckily for us, we ventured to Ruggles Green earlier today at a later lunch time (around 2:15 pm). Parking was easy and so was our experience inside the restaurant. Orders are placed at the counter before sitting down- I selected the chicken salad sandwich with sweet potato fries and my husband had the grilled chicken sandwich. 


Ruggles Green- Chicken Salad Sandwich
My meal was phenomenal. Even the table beside us inquired about my sandwich.

Just as I said to the lady beside me, I highly recommend the chicken salad sandwich at Ruggles Green. The combination of cranberries, pecans and celery on top of the fresh soft bread was an ideal mix of ingredients. 

Happy eats, y’all! 🙂

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