Belize: Getting to Maya Beach

By: Hev Nguyen

This is the first post of a series detailing each day of our recent trip to Belize. Enjoy!

My husband and I booked our trip to Belize at the very beginning of May this year to travel over Labor Day weekend. We picked Belize because it was a location that neither one of us has been to before and I’ve heard that it was a beautiful country to visit from others in the past. At the time, I did not realize that Southwest Airlines would start flying from Houston to Belize in October 2015. (I am making this note because I believe travel to Belize will increase greatly with a low-cost airline, such as Southwest, flying to Belize on a daily basis.)

We traveled from IAH (Houston) to BZE (northwest of Belize City) via United Airlines, landing a little after 10 AM. Going through customs was relatively fast and easy because we ensured our documents were properly completed on the airplane. We purchased a couple bottles of wine at the Duty Free Shop- which I highly recommend if you are going to stray away from the local rum or Belikin beer. (My husband and I enjoyed the local rum and Belikin beer, but I prefer a glass of wine after dinner.) While the duty-free pricing is more than in the U.S., it was still cheaper than we could purchase through the hotel or even the market in town.

Next up, was a second flight from BZE to Placencia. If you are uneasy about small planes, then you may want to consider renting a car or taking a bus/shuttle to Placencia (if this is your destination of choice).  Tropic Air operates several aircraft configured for three to fourteen passengers. I believe our plane was the GippsAero GA8 Airvan (pictured below- feel free to correct me!).

After arriving at the Placencia airstrip, a taxi took us to our hotel: Maya Beach Hotel. We checked in and were given a tour of our room.

My husband and I explored the hotel grounds and walked out to the covered pier to further take in the sights. We were in paradise!

We took advantage of the kayaks available through the hotel an paddled out into the sea, further taking in the beauty of our surroundings. After awhile, we grew hungry and returned to shore. Lucky for us, Maya Beach Bistro has a happy hour from 3-5 pm featuring discounted drinks and small bites.

Overall, we had an easy day of travel and light exploration of our surroundings. It was the perfect start to what will become our perfect vacation.

Coming soon, Day Two (Snorkeling at the Silk Cayes). Til then, happy travels!

Walking out to the pier in the evening.



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