San Antonio, Texas Weekend Family Trip

Before the school year begins, we wanted to take a little weekend trip as a family. After considering our options, we decided that it had been awhile since we visited San Antonio. It is about a three hour drive from Houston and we opted to leave Saturday morning to arrive in San Antonio around lunch time.

The trip was pretty standard San Antonio River Walk- we stayed at the Grand Hyatt and ate several delicious meals (my husband and I had a few margaritas, too!). Mostly, we walked the River Walk, took photos and explored a couple of shops along the way. Below are some of the restaurants we visited and my overall thoughts.

San Antonio Meals
San Antonio Meals

Day One, Lunch: Casa Rio- I had taco salad, which is basically a huge salad inside of a large bowl shaped taco shell, and my husband had the green chicken enchiladas. Both meals were standard tex-mex and the margaritas were only so-so. The location of the restaurant is central along the River Walk and pricing is a bit high but expected given the prime real estate. We had just arrived in San Antonio hungry and picked one of the first places we saw.

Day One, Afternoon Refreshments: Bar Rojo- After checking in to the hotel and enjoying time at the pool, we went downstairs to the large bar/lounge. The waitress made my daughter a shirley temple along with our beverages. Overall customer service was great!

Day One, Dinner: Ruth Chris- This restaurant is located in the Grand Hyatt and I thought it would be nice to have a special “fancy” meal with my daughter. The service was subpar from what I expect from a steakhouse, but the food made up for it. My husband and daughter shared a medium rare filet that was cooked just perfectly. Even at nicer steakhouses, it is fairly common in my experiences for a medium rare steak to come out closer to medium or even medium well. It is worth noting that the restaurant features a great happy hour from 3-7 pm every day of the week. We did not realize this until around 6:30 pm that evening, so we missed out. Since the service was not spectacular, I would only consider returning for their happy hour.

Day Two, Breakfast: The Original Mexican Restaurant & Bar- Once again, we walked along the River Walk and sat down at one of the first Mexican restaurants that we saw. My daughter had the carne guisada breakfast, while my husband and I opted for a variety of breakfast tacos. We both ordered two, but one would have been sufficient since they are huge! My daughter was not very pleased with her meal- she said the meat was tough and chewy. We all agreed that next time we would return for breakfast, but save ourselves some money and have a breakfast taco each.

Day Two, Lunch: Cafe Ole- After being turned away from The River’s Edge Cafe because their patio is not pet friendly, we walked down the River Walk a little more and arrived at Cafe Ole. Once we confirmed that the restaurant did not mind our small dog on their patio, we sat down for some much needed refreshments. My husband ordered a traditional margarita and I opted for the watermelon/cucumber margarita. Usually, I am not a fan of sweet or fruity drinks but the combination sounded extremely refreshing after our 3 mile walk with temperatures in the high 90’s. My daughter selected an ice cream dessert to cool her down. Although not quite hungry, we decided we should eat something before leaving so we shared the Botana Platter which consists of a variety of appetizers- jalapeno poppers, chicken quesadillas, Texas style nachos & chile con queso. The meal was not exactly lunch, but provided the refreshments we needed to cool off before our journey home.

Overall, a successful trip with the whole family (my pup included!). Here are some photos of us exploring the River Walk. Happy Travels, everyone!




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