The Caves in Negril, Jamaica 

In July, my husband and I went on our honeymoon in Negril, Jamaica. After scouring review sites, we decided on The Caves as our all-inclusive honeymoon destination.

About The Caves: Situated among the cliffs in Negril, The Caves is a small resort with just 12 rooms. The rooms are spread out over 2 acres of lush plant life in a lovely labyrinth that fuels the seclusion of the property grounds. Among the highlights of the landscape are several cliffs to jump off into the clear blue waters. For those wanting to ease into the cliff jumps, there is a 10 foot jump, 20 foot jump and finally a 30 foot jump. For the especially brave, there is a jump into the blue hole- which is a short jump, but directly into a cave.

Rooms: When I booked the hotel, the only option available was a ground floor- single room. As I later discovered, there are several rooms where a small cottage contained two rooms (top floor and bottom floor are separate hotel rooms). Unfortunately, when booking these rooms you are not given an option to select which room you prefer. With only twelve rooms, it is easy to find specific room reviews online. In addition to the single rooms, other rooms included the entire cottage served as one hotel room with a master bedroom on the second floor and living and/or dining space below. Finally, there is a larger 4 room house in the back of the property. Without personally checking out all the rooms, I can only comment on a few:

  • Blue Dolphin: This is the room we were in for our 7 night stay. It is a ground floor single room near the dinner dining/lounge area. From our porch, through the luscious greenery was a spectacular ocean view. There is a separate room right above in this cottage, but we never had any issues with noise. The room felt more secluded than some of the other rooms and I would recommend it for any future guests.
  • Blue Hole: This is a two story cottage right next to the Blue Hole jumping point. One of the guests who stayed in this room did mention the slight distraction of guests enjoying the nearby cliff jump.
  • Moon Shadow: A two story two bedroom cottage near the blue gazebo. Everyone who stayed in this room seemed to really like it. There is a separate bar/dining area downstairs and also features a private outdoor shower.
On the porch of the Blue Dolphin room.

Service: All of the room rates are all-inclusive, which is true to the term. All meals are included and there is unlimited access to the bar for Red Stripes or specialty cocktail drinks. It is important to note that the cocktails are all made-to-order (no pre-made mixes are used). Each bartender has their own style and usually there is a specialty drink of the day created by a different bartender. In the rooms, there is also a fridge which is restocked daily with water, sodas and Red Stripes.

I’ve written a separate post on the delicious food we enjoyed at The Caves: The Caves in Negril, Jamaica: Food Review

Spa: There is also a spa onsite offering a wide variety of services- facials using Aveda products, several types of massages, and more. Another couple raved about a coffee scrub they had on the final day of their vacation that felt extremely detoxing and invigorating. My husband and I opted for an hour long couples massage. The gazebo where the spa services are provided overlooks the crystal blue water and provides the most tranquil setting for any spa. (Services should always be booked in advance and are not included in the all-inclusive price.)

Cave Dinner: This dinner is another option for guests is to book an extra special treat during their stay at The Caves. We were fortunate enough to book our dinner on an evening when it was much cooler in the Caves than usual. (Many guests complained of the humidity within the caves in the evening and the hotel staff even sets up a fan.) Walking down the stairs to the cave for dinner immediately filled me with excitement. The crashing waves created a blissful ambiance that was amplified by the dozens of candles setup to light the cave for our dinner. It was the most romantic setting one could ever imagine and of course, the meal was spectacular.

Dining table setup for the Cave Dinner.

Overall our honeymoon was more perfect than we could ever imagine. Even though we stayed for 7 nights, there were several activities (snorkeling, fishing, kayaking, etc) that we did not partake in as we chose to simply relax, take in some sun and all of the natural beauties within The Caves. I’m all for visiting different parts of the world or trying out new hotels and resorts if I repeat a travel destination, but I think we will have to put The Caves on our repeat list- after all, it was our honeymoon destination!

More pictures below. Happy travels everyone!



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