The Caves in Negril, Jamaica: Food Review

I’ll post an in-depth review of our stay at The Caves in Negril, Jamaica, but I thought I would start off with a quick “food review”. This resort is all inclusive- meaning all meals, beverages (booze and all) are including in the nightly rate. Unlike many overcrowded resorts, all of our meals at The Caves were delicious.

For breakfast, a scrumptious fruit plate is always offered as a first course along with coffee and tea (or a mimosa!). The fruit is juicy and tastes fresh (unlike some of the fruit found in the produce section of our grocery stores). After devouring the fruit plate, we are offered a special breakfast or a traditional American breakfast. The special was usually a typical Jamaican breakfast, while the American was any combination of: eggs (any style), bacon, turkey sausage, French toast, hash browns and pancakes (plain or banana). The first special I had was a vegetable frittata with fried plantains, while others were a kind of fish with green vegetables. I was not a fan of the fish, so I opted for the American breakfast afterwards with scrambled eggs and banana pancakes. I am usually not a pancake person, but I feel in love with their banana pancakes!

On our last day, one of the lovely waitresses made a “reserved” sign and placed it on our favorite table (gazebo overlooking the beautiful blue waters). All the tables are first come, first serve- but our waitress knew it was our last day and wanted to do something special.

Lunch service begins at 12:30 and is served in the same area as breakfast. Generally, there is a soup or salad option and two different entrees to select from. Every day was different. Pictured above: 1) Sauteed shrimp with pasta, rice and veggies 2) Jamaican jerk chicken with fries 3) halibut with veggies and rolls

Breakfast and Lunch were always delicious meals, but I especially enjoyed dinners at The Caves. For dinner, there was usually an appetizer, soup or salad, entree and dessert. Honestly, I rarely made it all the way to dessert because I was too stuffed from all of the delicious course offerings. Pictured above on the left is a special dinner entree of Caribbean lobster paired with steamed rice, black beans and vegetables. In the bottom portion of the same picture are the other courses from that dinner: mango salad, pea soup and cheesecake. Pictured above on the right is the main course of a separate dinner of creole style shrimp, dirty rice and white beans. The appetizer for this meal was a nice tomato bruschetta on garlic bread, along with a cucumber and tomato Greek-style salad.

We had an extra special dinner inside of one of the caves one evening, but I’ll save those details for a later post.

Happy travels!


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