Stitch Fix – July Review

After several attempts, this turned out to be my final Stitch Fix. I had updated my profile multiple times and left detailed notes on why I liked or disliked the items sent. I maxed out my budget on what I was willing to spend. I added a Pinterest board to my profile, as the stylists suggested- but I never ended up receiving items that I truly loved. For those who are not familiar, Stitch Fix charges a $20 “Styling Fee” before each fix they send out. If you keep at least one item, then the styling fee is subtracted from your total. (If you keep all five items, you receive a 20% discount and a credit for the styling fee.) There were some months that I felt I should keep at least one item so I could “get back” that styling fee- which I am sure it is why they charge the fee. I desperately wanted to receive a Stitch Fix that contained a box full of clothes that I wanted to keep.

Unfortunately, after 6 attempts I decided I truly did give it a try but it was time to call it quits with Stitch Fix.  😦

Here’s the review for my final Stitch Fix.

Because of shipping issues at home, I receive my Stitch Fix shipments at work. This was the first time that my eagerness took over and I opened it at work instead of waiting to take the little treasure box home.

stitch fix july style cardI was happy to see, for the first time so far, I received a stylist that had worked on one of my previous fixes. This excited me- I was hopeful that this meant she had a better sense of understanding of what it is that I liked and was hoping to see. Also, this is the first Stitch Fix I received after creating and adding a Pinterest board to my profile full of summer outfits that I adored. I felt the Pinterest board allowed for a clear (and visual) direction of what I hoped to see, instead of written critiques from the past.

stitch fix july outfits

Starting at the top right and working clockwise:

  • Pink “Lace Inset” Top: Back to the usual shirts for me.. a flared tank. This was was not flattering when I tried it on. It was- yet again- a top that would be perfect if this were a maternity Stitch Fix (Returned)
  • A-Line Block Navy/Cream Dress: I liked this dress. I could tell at first sight that it would be too big, but the dress had potential. I tried it on and imagined the alterations necessary to make it fit better [see picture below]. Even with the imagined alterations, the material of the dress was quite thick and I just did not LOVE it, so I felt the added price of alterations was simply not worth it. (Returned)
  • Teal Patterned Skirt: Wow! I think this is a first for me. When I first removed the skirt from the box, I immediately liked it. Before trying it on, I knew the fit would be great- and guess what?! It was!  (Keep)
  • Gray Hi-Lo T-Shirt: I like basic t-shirts for casual wear on the weekends. In fact, I have a drawer full of gray t-shirts. I did like the fit, but the material felt cheap against my skin (pure cotton would have been better), plus the price for this basic tee was not worth it. (Returned)
  • Lace Detail Knit Tank: The stylist thought I would like this tank because it was more fitted. True- the tank was much more fitted than all of my previous blouses, but the lace “detail” looked cheap. In the pictures, it looks like it could be nice- but in person it just appeared low quality. (Returned)

Summary: Kept 1, Returned 4.

First picture above is the navy/cream dress- on the left is how it fit when I put it on and the right side shows how it had potential with some alterations. I liked the coral accent in the middle, but ultimately I think I have just given up on trying so hard to like my Stitch Fix boxes. The second picture above is the first and only item I have received that I loved immediately. The left side shows how it fit perfectly when I put it on and for the right side I paired the skirt with an Anthropologie cardigan from my closet. This one is a winner!

stitch fix july topsPictured above are each of the shirts in my Stitch Fix. The fit of the pink one in the center was horrible, but the other two were not so bad. The gray one I would have kept, but the quality was not on par with the price.

I received my July Stitch Fix on the same day that I received a shipment of clothes I had ordered myself from Nordstrom. I wanted something that felt more like summer. The outfits I picked out myself turned out to be winners (imagine that!).

july hev outfits

Left: White Crop Top Tank with a Coral Maxi Skirt. Right: Navy (with Floral elements) Halter Romper.

Sure, the outfits I picked out myself are showing more skin-but I expressed through my Stitch Fix profile that I wanted more summer outfits and that I was not afraid of showing skin. The coral skirt above does not need to be paired with a crop top. It will look great with a basic tank, as well. For the backless navy romper, I would most likely wear a cardigan indoors- but the airy nature of the outfit will be great for the hot Houston summers.. plus I have some trips coming up!

It’s a little sad to break-up with Stitch Fix. I enjoyed receiving my little treasure boxes each month- even though they were not quite full of treasure. It was fun while it lasted.

Happy Shopping Y’all!

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