Roasted Brussels Sprouts

Growing up, I’ve never been a fan of Brussels sprouts.. I’ve tried different versions at restaurants and at friend’s gatherings, but nothing really enticed me to eat these little rock hard balls of what appeared to be baby lettuce.  I finally discovered a recipe that I love and is super simple! 


  • Brussels sprouts (about a pound)
  • Sea salt
  • Turkey bacon
  • Olive oil
  • Pepper

Preheat the oven to 400 degrees. Trim the Brussels sprouts by cutting off the ends and discarding any wilted leaves. Drizzle olive oil (about a tablespoon) onto your cookie sheet or backing pan. Salt generously. 

Cut up slices of turkey bacon to small squares and add to the mixture. Grind black pepper over entire mix. Shake up pan or cookie sheet to combine ingredients. 


Cook for 30-40 minutes, shaking every 15 minutes to evenly brown the sprouts. Remove from heat and salt more, if so desired. (They taste delicious with the extra salt, but as part of my personal health kick I try to avoid too much salt.) 

Serve hot. Pairs well with almost any protein. 

Happy eating! Enjoy!


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