Stitch Fix (A Review) June 2015

If you have read my other Stitch Fix reviews, you may wonder why I continue with the service. The truth is that I really do get excited when my latest Stitch Fix arrives. The name fits this company well. It truly is a “fix” that I yearn for and am eager to receive- even if I am left disappointed afterward. (Kudos to the marketing folks there!)

My Stitch Fix arrives and I excitedly open the box in my room on top of my bed. First, I open the Style Card to read the lovely message written by this month’s stylist. I am happy to see, once again this month, the stylist had read my previous comments about the Houston heat and trying to find items that match my physique. There is a separate sheet with specific information and pricing for the five items in my Stitch Fix, but I always open this last. I do not want pricing to interfere with my initial thoughts as I pull out the clothing and try it on.

stitch fix june style guide


And that is what I do next.. I pull out each item one-by-one and take a photo, then try it on. So, here we go:

stitch fix june items


  • Mixed Material Gray/Floral Top: I like the casualness of this tee. I can easily pair it jeans and ballet flats for a casual day shopping or having drinks with friends. (Keep)
  • Boyfriend Jeans: Thank goodness the high-waist curse is gone from my Stitch Fixes, but I’ve never been a fan of boyfriend jeans. They are not flattering to my figure. See photos below. (Returned)
  • Blue Sleeveless Top: This top is cute, but I am getting tired of the flared sleeveless tops that seem to take over every one of my fixes. The neckline is too high and I’m just not impressed. (Returned)
  • White Lace Detail Top: I am beginning to think this fix is a maternity set. I could seriously be 8 months pregnant with twins and this top would look great! However, I am not pregnant and I do not want to wear a top that I could save later for any possible future pregnancies. (Returned)
  • Blue Strap Dress: Hard to put an adequate description on this item. It is blue. It is a dress. It’s not horrible and the neckline is a big improvement from the last month, but the length is too long for me and again, I’m just not impressed. (Returned)

Summary: Kept 1. Returned 4.

Photo descriptions for each set of photos start in the top left corner and go clockwise (labeled A, B, C, D).

  • Set 1: A- Boyfriend Jeans with my shirt pulled up. Happy that the waist line is not high, but you can see the fit is just not flattering. B- Boyfriend Jeans laid on the floor. C- Boyfriend Jeans paired with the Mixed Material top. D- My own pair of skinny jeans with the same top. I do not think the photos really do it justice, but I prefer skinny jeans because I am thin and short. Almost anything else makes me look heavy. 😦
  • Set 2: A- Blue Sleeveless Top. It fits fine, but I am getting bored of receiving these types of tops in my fixes. B- Blue Strap Dress. Again, the fit is fine and actually it is much better than most of the dresses that I have received. I just am not excited about it. Fashion should be fun and exciting! C- White Lace Top. On me, it looks like a shirt version of a moo-moo. D- Same top pulled away from my body as I stand sideways. I could pull it further, but I think you get the picture.

stitch fix june mixed top

This is the only top that I kept. It is basic, but I like the floral print on the back. I do tend to wear basic neutral color tees on the weekend and this will jazz things up a bit.

I started this post asking the question of why I continue with Stitch Fix. Usually I only keep one item from each box and it appears that all I do is rant about the stylists getting it wrong. This made me question myself if I even knew what kind of style I had or liked, so I turned to my closet and pulled out three items that I purchased recently.

Two tops and a dress. The first outfit is actually one that I wore to work the other day (casual day in the office). I usually pair the second top with a cardigan, black skinny pants and heels for work. The dress is the most recent purchase. I love the simplicity of this dress and how it fits my body. The long length offsets the plunging neckline and the waist is pulled in slightly to provide shape. I think overall that my style is basic, but always keeping in mind the proper fit for my frame.

I’d love to be more adventurous with my outfits and that is where I wished Stitch Fix could help.. but it seems we are struggling with the basics still.  The bright side is that I finally feel like the stylists are taking note to my feedback and although I’m mostly disappointed with the box, I am still eager to see what they find next. I have a couple of trips planned and finally did get around to adding a Pinterest board to my profile, so let’s cross our fingers as I am already eager to receive my next fix. Happy Shopping!

stitch fix june note to stylist


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