Stitch Fix Review (No. 4)

Unfortunately, my highly anticipated Stitch Fix #4 was delayed due to the rain and flooding conditions here in Houston, TX. I am glad to report that I finally feel that my comments were taken into consideration by my Stitch Fix stylist this month. The note even referenced my concerns.

stitchfix 4 note

For a review of my past frustrations with Stitch Fix, please refer to this post:

At first look, I was pleased when I opened my 4th Stitch Fix box. One of the dresses did not look very appealing, but the rest appeared promising. There was a variety in colors- something that I strongly desired. The box was comprised of three blouses and two dresses- clearly, the stylist had determined pants were an item that did not work well for me. (Nothing against pants! I wear them almost every day.)

stitchfix 4 tops

The tops were all very similar- which based on what I had previously kept reflected a style that I did like, but I was disappointed that there was not much for variety. I really liked one of the tops and absolutely would have loved to keep the shirt, but there was a small stain on the front. It looked like it may not come out in the wash and I did not want to pay for it and take the risk. That is probably my biggest frustration with this box.

stitchfix 4 teal top stain

The two dress were also similar in style- a-line skirt with a high neckline. I noticed the label on one of the dresses indicated it was specifically made for Stitch Fix. I hope this is not a trend, because the dress looked extremely cheaply made and not flattering in the design or material.

Here is the summary of my box:

  • Colorful Pattern Sleeveless Blouse: I love the colors of this top- the brightness of the pattern paired with the dark blue outline and back. It is loose-fit with a flared bottom that I can imagine wearing with a pair of jeans and flats or tucked into a nice lighter color pencil skirt. (Keep)
  • White Sleeveless Blouse with Black Details: This top matched the general style of the other two, but the bottom flare was quite extreme when I tried it on. It was not very flattering. (Returned)
  • Teal Sleeveless Blouse with Studded Split Back: This is the top that I liked the most and apparently the stylist thought I would have loved it too (it is mentioned in the note). Unfortunately, this is the top with the stain, so I sadly packed it back up and returned it. (Returned)
  • White & Black Dress: I tried on this dress and with some tailoring, it would be cute. I pictured myself pairing it with a black cardigan and heels for a day at the office. Fortunately for me- although I do wear business attire at work, I do not have to dress too conservatively. I felt the high neckline on this dress was a bit much for me and considering the price of the dress plus the cost of alterations, it was not worth it. (Returned)
  • Coral Dress with Lace? Detail: This is the dress I immediately disliked when I opened the box. The lace detail looks very cheap and the coral material is thick and just overall looks cheaply made. I tried the dress on just for kicks and of course it was too large. (Returned)

Summary: Kept 1. Returned 4. Overall, I was pleased with this box. I would have kept two tops, but one was stained. The dresses were much more in line with what I like (having some sort of shape!), but they still failed to hit the mark. I’ve decided to give it a try again and go for round five. I’ll add a Pinterest board to my profile this time and hope that helps. Let’s cross our fingers!

Happy Shopping!

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