Stitch Fix #3 (An In-Depth Review)

After receiving my 3rd Stitch Fix, I have some thoughts about the company and the concept.  What is touted as an “affordable and accessible personal styling service” is seemingly falling short for my needs. Let me start by going into the various processes, which I have assumed is how the stylists create my personal fix each month.

Once a “fix” is received, I login to their website and complete the Checkout process which includes: selecting “Keep It!” or “Return It” and provide feedback on sizing (too small, just right, too big), style (love it, like it, just ok, hate it), price (too low, just right, too high) and fit/cut (same options as style). There is also a comment box for free text.

stitchfix checkout


After my second Stitch Fix, I updated my Style Profile on the site- hoping their stylists would find better options for me. I would LOVE for this service to work out! The concept is extremely convenient for me and fun- but I’m beginning to feel disappointed.

Here is a sample of a portion of my Stitch Fix profile.

stitchfix profile

So yes, I am petite. I like my clothing to be more fitted and I dislike high-waist pants. For the 3rd shipment in a row, guess what I received?! High-waist pants! I have nothing against the style on other ladies, but I have yet to find a nice pair of high-waist jeans or pants that I feel comfortable wearing. It’s just a personable preference. Another point I made with my 2nd Stitch Fix is that I am located in Houston, TX. It is hot & humid- especially now that we are in the midst of Spring. Last month, I received two sweaters. This month- no sweaters, but a very heavy & thick vest. Here is the summary of my items:

stitch fix 3 items

  • Teal Silk Sleeveless Blouse: I love the color and if anyone is keeping track, I have kept silk tops from each of my shipments. The fit is nice and will go great with jeans on the weekend or tucked into a nice pencil skirt for work. (Keep)
  • Heavy Oversized Vest: This vest is not my style, but worse is the weight of the material. It is not something I could possibly wear in Houston. (Returned)
  • Black with Small White Spots High Waist Pants: I dislike high waists, but I did try this item on and it fit well. The material is too heavy and I am not a fan of the pattern. (Returned)
  • Lace Cream Top: At first sight, I thought I would like this top- but after trying it on, I was not pleased with the fit and the high neckline. For me, it was just not flattering. (Returned)
  • Black/White with Blue Sides Dress?: I knew I would hate this item, but I tried it on anyways. (See photos below.) I literally could be nine months pregnant in this dress.. and it would probably look adorable!… However, I am not pregnant and it just looked like a moo-moo on me. (Returned)

stitch fix 3 outfits


Summary: Kept 1, Returned 4. I was hopeful after my second shipment that the tweaks I made in my profile would result in items that better fit my style- following the guidelines completed in their outlined Style Profile. I’m disappointed.. but not yet ready to give up. I updated my profile again- this time requesting an item from the “Cocktail, Wedding, Special” occasion to be included consistently in each of my fixes. I’m hoping for items a little more dressed up and/or glamorous, instead of the consistent work casual items. Additionally, I increased my budget for each category just in case that was a limitation. I also wrote a specific message for my next stylist and changed the frequency of my shipments from once a month to every 2-3 weeks. I truly want this to work!

stitchfix note


Unfortunately, I think Stitch Fix #4 may be the make or break box. I’ve been trying to determine whether the notes are actually referenced from my returned items or how else I can configure my Style Profile to best benefit the stylists. I understand that I am petite, so I do not mind paying for alterations on an item (or items) that I love. This post in general has a negative overtone, but I am still optimistic. We’ll see what May 27th brings!

Interested in trying it out for yourself? Use this link:

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Info about Stitch Fix (pulled directly from their website): Stitch Fix is the first fashion retailer to blend expert styling, proprietary technology and unique product to deliver a shopping experience that is truly personalized for you. Simply fill out the Stitch Fix Style Profile and our personal stylists will handpick a selection of five clothing items and accessories unique to your taste, budget and lifestyle. You can buy what you like and return the rest!

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